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A Stoney Girl’s Story

Here is a collection of Jen’s stories about her long battle with cancer and how cannabis healed her and others.

Jenifer Valley tells her story in this multipart series. Here she discusses the initial diagnosis with cancer. Follow this amazing story of a cancer survivor. Jen has been cancer free with cannabis.
What happens when your doctors find out you have cancer? Go behind the scenes to take a trip with Jenifer as she faces the Tumor Board at OHSU.
Jennifer Valley endured one of the most radical experimental radiation treatments
for cancer in history, which did not work.
Follow her story through her treatments with Cancer and Cannabis.
Jennifer Valley talks about her experience with friends and patients who use cannabis oil.

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Stoney Only Clackamas is Now Open!

Stoney Only is Now Open to

OMMP Patients, Care Givers

and Recreational Consumers


Stoney Only Clackamas  ~  503-303-5752

10289 SE Hwy 212 : Clackamas, OR 97015



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OMMP Patients and Caregivers – a note to you

The patients and caregivers are our first priority; we thank all of you for your support and effort with starting and maintaining the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program! We look forward to serving you soon.

Recreational Consumers

Educate before you recreate – resources, information & FAQ’s; with this new freedom comes responsibilities – please be a responsible consumers.

Your Favorite Dispensary is Opening Soon!

Pre-Register today for exclusive, lifetime discount and special promotions for registering before September 18, 2015 – Just for you; as a thank you for registering before we are open.

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Stoney Only
10287 SE Hwy 212
Clackamas, OR 97015
See you Soon!

Oregon Commemorative Marijuana Seed Giveaway : July 1, 2015

Large Blog ImageStoney Girl Gardens, (Americas’ Oldest MMJ Seed Company) the first Cannabis Seed Company in the USA is celebrating the First Day of Oregon Cannabis Freedom with a Limited Edition Free Seed Package Giveaway.  This Commemorative Seed Giveaway will begin at 9am, July 1st and run until 9pm or until we run out of Commemorative seeds. Don’t miss this collector’s edition of our world famous genetics. Continue reading Oregon Commemorative Marijuana Seed Giveaway : July 1, 2015

Oregon’s Free Cannabis Seed Giveaway

Stoney Girl Gardens, a staple in the Oregon cannabis community based in Clackamas Oregon, will be giving away free cannabis seed packs starting at 9am and continue until 9pm on Wednesday July 1st 2015, the day that marks the implementation of Oregon’s Ballot Measure 91 to legalize recreational marijuana.

These seeds are produced featuring exclusive genetics that have been bred in Oregon gardens for almost 20 years!

Be sure to pre-register for your free seed pack by visiting

Overgrow The World!

Time Place and Manner Ordinance Update

Time to Stand Up!

Join us this Wednesday March 18th for an open conversation on where we are, what is happening, and what we can do.  Come view a large full scale zoning map and discuss the strategy for the upcoming Public Hearings. Meet other entrepreneurs in the area and share in the discussions.

  • When:            This Wednesday Night from 6-9 pm
  • Where:           Stoney Girl Gardens at Clackamas Professional Plaza
    9123 SE St. Helens St. Clackamas, OR. 97015 : Suite 255
  • Why:               Public Testimony for Dispensary Ordinance on Thursday Evening
Alert: Stop Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners from Banning Medical and Recreational Dispensaries.
Discussion Session on Medical Marijuana Time Place and Manner Ordinance Update and Meeting

The Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners have a plan to get rid of both medical and recreational dispensaries by creating an ordinance amending the Clackamas County code to add Chapter 8.09 establishing time, place and manner regulations for marijuana dispensaries. It goes far beyond this however. The Ordinance will prevent ANY dispensaries inside industrial zones and all areas outside the Metro UBC (urban growth boundary), which is most of the county. In addition setbacks from “Sensitive Use” areas include as much as a 2500 foot restrictions in 3 differing classes.  Sensitive Use areas include transit stops, liquor stores, adult foster care, public housing, libraries, playgrounds, parks, and much, much more.

The intent is to restrict or otherwise completely prohibit dispensaries as is clearly stated by the commissioners. Listen to them talk about how to not allow any on the recorded Workshop below. See the carefully articulated spots on a map that only provide swamp land. Speak Your Voice Before It’s Too Late!

Click on the below link to access materials from last Tuesday’s (March 10, 2015) study session on the Medical Marijuana Time Place and Manner Ordinance.  Scroll down to March 10 @ 3:00 pm and click on the PACKET icon.

An audio of the study session is available. We urge you to give it a listen to see how ridiculous and bigoted our Commissioners are to all they serve. Hear their true opinions and level of education.

To access the audio, click on the same link above and choose the AUDIO icon.

Next Public Hearing dates/times: 

  • March 19, 2015 @ 6 p.m.
  • April 10, 2015 @ 10 a.m.

Be Prepared to Show Up.  We need to let our commissioners know our opinion.